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of business leaders surveyed said they'd feel more comfortable with service workers at their facilities if the service worker's company performed the same level of background check they require for employment.


of contractors have relevant, derogatory information in their file.


A review of contractor screening results versus employee results found that contractors have a 2-3% higher hit rate.

Background Screening

Every Certified Hire approved service representative that comes to your business or organization has willingly taken part in a rigorous employment and criminal history check.

Certified Hire extends its screening solutions to companies and individuals, who at the end of the day, all want the same thing: protection against risk.

When service providers integrate background screening into their hiring process, they simultaneously address their own security needs, as well as the security needs of their clients.

Why Screen?

Certified Hire sets the same standard for all service providers, regardless of occupation or company. Implementing a consistent and unbiased screening solution enables you, the service provider, to take proactive measures against crime, fraud, theft and other illicit activities that put your customers and your company at risk. By upholding a Certified Hire screening standard, you…

  • control the risks and liabilities associated with wrongdoing
  • cultivate a standard of quality that distinguishes you from competitors
  • create goodwill with your customers by answering to a proven screening standard that they trust
  • demonstrate credibility to the business owner
  • extend accountability beyond the one-time service interaction
  • convey a professional policy that reflects the business owner’s personal policy of safety, security and peace of mind above all else.

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Make Your Next Hire a Certified Hire

"Certified Hire"
Seal of Approval

Certified Hire Seal of Approval

You can place our seal of approval on your website letting your website visitors know that according to our professional standard, your employee(s) have a clear and complete profile. Our seal of approval is our stamp of accountability to you and to the customers with whom you do business. We don't just tell you that your employee has been successfully screened, we show you. We update this profile every year by annually reviewing every member of the Certified Hire Seal of Approval program.