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Background screening is what we do;
peace of mind is what we provide.


History of Certified Hire

In the last 20 years, since our company’s inception, we have significantly enhanced the scope of our services.¬† Our specialized tenant and employment divisions offer customized screening solutions to various types of property managers and employers. Now, with Certified Hire, we offer a combined screening solution designed to lend trust and transparency to the service provider-homeowner relationship.

Certified Hire evolved out of our two existing background screening divisions: Rental History Reports (www.RentalHistoryReports.com) and Trusted Employees (www.TrustedEmployees.com). Our company has always placed itself at the forefront of technological innovation, constantly reinvesting in the research and development of new screening solutions while conscientiously retaining its approach to personal service.

Our divisional expansion has everything to do with our clients: we listen to them, we develop relationships with them and over the years, we have extended the breadth of our services in order to meet their various needs.

Our divisional cooperation has everything to do with our team: we communicate, we collaborate, and with Certified Hire, we have consolidated our specialties into a new and unique screening solution tailored to homeowners and the service providers with whom they engage.

In an era of heightened risk-awareness and fast-paced living, the challenge we face as companies and as individuals involves doing business efficiently without compromising safety and security. ¬†Certified Hire – along with all our screening divisions – makes it a practice to cultivate the best of both worlds to…

Certified Hire offers a tried and tested background screening standard – an objective measure that homeowners and service providers can depend on. At the end of the day, we want our sense of accountability to inspire your sense of security.

Today, Certified Hire is Setting the Standard and Leading the Way