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Background screening is what we do;
peace of mind is what we provide.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I choose a Certified Hire Certified Company to do work in and around my home?

    It's simple. Given the choice between two similar service providers, wouldn't you prefer the one that takes extra precautions when it comes to your peace of mind by letting you know that their employees have been background checked.

  2. Why should employee background checks be important to me?

    There are over 12 million ex-felons in the US. All have been convicted of very serious and/or violent crimes. Many employers DO NOT run background checks on their employees, and many employers that do, DON'T do a thorough job, or NEVER re-check their employees. Certified Hire provides extra assurance regarding the employees coming to your home because multi-level, annual background checks are required.

  3. Many service providers say their employees are background checked, why are Certified Hire background screens any better?

    Background checks involve hundreds of variables that must be tailored to specific job classifications. There are a few thousand providers that offer a wide range of price, service and professionalism.

  4. Does it cost me more to hire a Certified Hire Certified Company?

    No, our Service Members are able to charge competitive prices because they receive a valuable marketing advantage that helps generate additional sales.

  5. Can I provide feedback about the Certified Hire employees who performed work?

    We welcome it. If you would like to tell us about your experience with a Certified Hire Certified Company, simply Contact Us.